DP by Dian Pelangi Mukena (SOLD)

Assalamualaikum Ladies!

We have 2 (left) DP by Dian Pelangi Mukena Katun Jumputan a.k.a Telekung Dian Pelangi.

Grab yours today!!

 e2013-02-28 17.24

2013-02-28 17.10.18

2013-02-28 16.59.24

All mukena comes with its tie dye bag with DP by Dian Pelangi label like the picture above! Yup, That’s how handy it is!

Code: Blue MKJ (sold out) or Yellow MKJ (sold out)
1 piece Available each
Material: High quality cotton
SGD 65 (with reg mail)(for Singapore resident)

For overseas buyer please email us for shipping rates. Shipping fee may be waived for some countries.

See you in our inbox!

Hit the order form tag to order!

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