Soft Blueberry (SOLD)

For the past few years, DPbyDian umbrella dresses have been in cotton material. In their latest collection, their umbrella dresses are in chiffons! They’re lighter and more flowy. As a matter of fact, most of their latest collection are in chiffons. Rest assure, they don’t stick to your body.


Pair this up with a nude-ish to brown tone shawl and voila!

Size: L

Measurement (approx, when laid flat, one sided):

Shoulder to Shoulder: 40 cm

Armpit to Armpit: 56 cm

Length: 1.3m

Up to 1.60m height

Material: Chiffon (Non – Stretchable & flowy!)

Usual Price: SGD 80 (incl normal mail)

Now: SGD 69.50 (incl registered mail)


To inquire/purchase, please email us at with the order form template.

Thank You!

See you in our inbox!

**All sales are final.Any bleeding or staining of colour is not defect but part of natural dyeing process.Colours shown on our website is for illustration purposes only.

By making payment/purchasing, payee agrees to the terms and condition.

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