2015 Pre-Order

Assalamualaikum ladies!

May you be in the best of health and iman as you’re reading this!


Alhamdulillah we finally have the time to arrange and open a pre-order slot. This time round, we’ll have a new feature which is an improved scheme.

Here’s how we do it:

Those who have ordered with us will know that case-by-case basis, we allow payment via installment. Especially with bulk purchases.

Pre-order usually takes +-2 months.

This time round, we are going to allow the artisan to take longer time period (because good things takes time!) and give a timeframe gauge of 3 months instead of 2.

Upon confirmation of your order, you have to secure your slot with 50% deposit.

Between the 3 months, we’ll advise you to pay the remaining amount in 3 installment in 20%, 20% and remaining 10% upon completion.

Another new feature is… we accept group orders!

If you’re looking for a bridesmaid dress or any function purpose dress for a whole group, we can accept your order!

Simply browse our previous posts or click here, to see examples of our lovely clienteles.

We accept order of both DPbyDian and Dian Pelangi range!

Simply email us at thatsmyshawl@gmail.com with an image reference for quotation!



Pre-Order is now open till 01/01/2015.*

*May be closed earlier or later depending on outcome.


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