Update: Get Crackin’

Hello lovelies!

March 2016. I’ve been away too long!

Hope you all are doing well. Apologies for the long disappearance.

This year, I’d like to be a little brave (thanks to my friends) and blog in a more personal tone whether it’s on this blog or on our Instagram page.

Currently I’m (your buyer) in my final year in uni and being abroad and all limits me to head to DP boutique  as frequently as I used to.

I’d like to share my little secret about getting the best DP design for yourself (and mine) but I shall keep that for nearing the date when I’m ready to open booking of slots for TMS’s live update session.

But let me give you a hint!

During the last live update session, while I was at the Batik area, I saw this one of a kind batik print. Unlike the usual bright colours, it is dark with bright motifs. The pattern as well, is not the usual circular pattern.

I find the full beaded silk dress a hassle to head to school in. I mean…it’s a dress meant for event like wedding, dinner or girls night out. *wink*

So what I did was take the dress out of the rack , pass it to the right staff and made it into a design more suitable for a casual day.

I present you…


The Batik motif on a long cardigan!

I’ve managed to customised most of my pieces.

Keep a lookout for my posts. Will give you the tips to getting/customising your own DP piece.



🌎: USS, Singapore.

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